Event information

We are thrilled to announce the second annual Reno-Tahoe Piano Competition (RTPC) for young pianists. RTPC was founded by Dr. Mayu Nomura in partnership with Teklus, LLC to celebrate the young pianists. Our mission is to foster young talents and nurture the musical growth in the community. We strive to provide the opportunity and experience for the musical development of aspiring young pianist. We look forward to hearing from many of you.

Important Dates

Competition Date: February 22, 2020
Registration Due: February 8, 2020

Event Location

Steinway Piano Gallery of Reno
500 East Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89502

Repertoire Requirement

Applicants are required to play two pre-selected pieces:

1) Standard classical repertoire (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary)
2) Non-standard classical repertoire (Jazz, Arrangement of popular songs, Hymns, Film music, Original compositions) OR contrasting standard classical repertoire

Age Categories

Division A: Ages 14-18
Division B: Ages 9-13
Division C: Ages 8 and under
(as of February 22, 2020)


Division A – 1st place: $300/ 2nd place: $150 / 3rd place: $75

Division B – 1st place: $300/ 2nd place: $150 / 3rd place: $75

Division C – 1st place: $300/ 2nd place: $150 / 3rd place: $75

Teklus Grand Prize – $500 (selected based solely on the sponsor’s discretion)

Time Limit

Division A – 12 minutes
Division B – 8 minutes
Division C – 5 minutes

Registration Fee

$30 each participant


  • Winners of the Reno-Tahoe Piano Competition are selected based on exceptional musicianship, technical mastery, communication ability as a performer, originality, spontaneity, individuality, and versatility. The judges are given the flexibility to select winners based on these criteria.
  • There will be two assigned judges from two areas: piano and composition.
  • At the conclusion of the competition, winners of each division will be announced to the public. Their names and photos will be posted on the website.
  • The order of appearance of pianists will be determined and scheduled arbitrary and will be notified two weeks prior to the competition.
  • Each contestant will be judged by a wide variety of parameters such as musicianship, technical mastery, communication ability as a performer, originality, spontaneity, individuality, and versatility.
  • The decision of the judges is final and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.
  • All works are to be performed from memory.
  • RTPC reserves the right to audio record, video, and photograph as well as displaying the winners on the website and social media as such.