Division A

First Place

Shawna Parsa


Second Place

Alicia Lucchesi


Third Place

Oliver Corro

Oliver PIC

Division B

First Place

Yuha Kim


Second Place

Mia Lucchesi


Third Place

Sora Corro

Sora Corro

Division C

First Place

Alexis Dyche


Second Place

Hiroshi Corro

Hiroshi PIC

Third Place

Numeena Rylski


Sponsor Award

Teklus Prize

Eva Twedt


about rtpc

Founded by Dr. Mayu Nomura in partnership with Teklus, LLC, the Reno Tahoe Piano Competition was developed with the intention of providing young pianists the opportunity to have an inspirational, positive, and fun experience in an encouraging and supportive environment that engages the diverse musical community in Reno, Nevada and beyond. While the COVID-19 pandemic has inhibited concert hall and competition traditions, performing for live audiences remains crucial for pianists to develop artistry, self-efficacy, and stage presence. The mission of the Reno Tahoe Piano Competition is to provide an environment that engages the musical community and nurtures artistic sensitivity; even though the competition will be digital, participants will be evaluated on their musicality and stage presence in a live performance setting. Emphasizing excellence and creativity, the competition encourages contestants to program and perform their repertoire—whether it be pop, jazz, rock, classical, or another genre—with passion, pride, style, sensitivity, and finesse. The Reno Tahoe Piano Competition is an event that will uplift and motivate young pianists on their artistic journey, honoring their dedication to the study of music and providing invaluable performance experience with feedback from professional pianists currently engaged in active performance and teaching careers.

Dr. Mayu Nomura (front) & Shu Nomura : Co-Founders