Zuzana Ben Lassoued, Ph.D.

Dr. Ben Lassoued is a pianist, musicologist and an artist who has been teaching for the past 30 years from elementary to university levels in Europe, United States and Canada. Her  interdisciplinary research ties several aspects of musicological inquiry: multiculturalism in music, music and society, jazz cultures, philosophy, aesthetics and interpretation of music. In response to these areas, she has published her research monograph Reception of Diana Krall, Unique Jazz Phenomenon with Peter Lang Publisher (Germany, 2018) and drew Diana Krall on the cover.  In her publication The Different Careers of Slovak and Czech Jazz Musicians in the United States – Laco Déczi, Jan Hammer, Miroslav Vitouš and Jiří Mráz in the book Jazz from Socialist Realism to Postmodernism (2016, Peter Lang Publisher), she has illustrated different paths in musical development of musicians who emigrated to the USA due to ideology in their country but it also demonstrates what they have in common and that is the flexibility to expand their mentality beyond their cultural heritage. As a pianist, Dr. Ben Lassoued played as a soloist and with orchestras in Europe, the USA and Canada, accompanied the UNR Opera Theatre, instrumentalists and vocalists, church choirs and adjudicated at piano festivals. For her piano students, Dr. Ben Lassoued published Happy Birthday in Every Key; a methodological book concentrating on tonic, subdominant and dominant chords in every key and ability to quickly transpose the song. Music and society, cultural influences and communication through music are the main areas of her interest not only in music but also in art. She has painted the history of music on canvas in eight innovative oil paintings called Sounds and Colours (2012) representing Western music history from medieval times to rock-pop-jazz. Dr. Ben Lassoued has lectured at many universities, speaks 7 languages, and currently teaches French, piano, music theory and history, and art. Dr. Ben Lassoued holds a Doctoral degree in Musicology and Music Theory from Comenius University in Slovakia, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a Diploma in Teaching and Piano Performance from the Conservatory of Music in Košice, Slovak Republic.


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